Thursday, December 10 morning

Happy morning. I love how I wake up with some random song stuck in my head. Not really, that was sarcasm. This morning it was  Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. You know I hate that song. Then it morphed into  Everything’s Coming Up Roses  from Gypsy. What the hell.

I had an odd dream last night. I was at the Eiffel Tower, or something like it. It was somewhere in the Midwest. The elevator was this weird Ferris wheel kind of thing. The elevator operator was nice when I went up, but mean when I came down. There was some other weird stuff that happened, but I’ll just put all that mess in my dream journal.

It’s Thursday. I kind of have a snotty nose. It’s irritating. Maybe I should take the pill. Later maybe.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this new Keurig coffee I got. Actually, it’s cappuccino. Or, whatever this stuff is that passes for cappuccino. It’s hazelnut. I think it might be a tad bit too sweet. Especially, when you’re used to drinking a coffee black. Well, not totally black. I usually get the coconut mocha. It’s pretty good. I love coconut. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll get that hazelnut stuff anymore. Ambivalent about coffee, how lovely.

I just went outside to smoke a cigarette, and saw the red from the sunrise. It was ever so lovely.image
The picture doesn’t really do it any justice.
Well, here’s to hoping that today is a sane day. Knock on wood. Anyway, ciao.


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