Wednesday, December 9

So, work was all right. The truck was almost an hour late, but it was only 13 feet. The driver was pretty cool. We had to explain to him how to back in. Once we did, he was actually pretty good at it. I had about eight things to put together. Coffee tables, side tables, junk like that. Mark helped when he was finished with his stuff. I had to tell him how to put together an armoire because he’d never done it before. I got off at 5:48. Home in time to see Survivor. Abbi-Maria got voted off. I was never really a big fan of hers.

My stupid phone. I desperately need a new one. The battery sucks. You do something for like two seconds and the battery is half gone. When I tried to text Sue Siri was acting all goofy. I finally said “this thing is a piece of crap”. Siri said , ” I’m sorry I don’t understand this thing is a piece of crap”. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in frickin’ forever. It gave me a good laugh.

It was actually kind of warm today. It’s almost winter, it’s supposed to be cold. I don’t like hot weather. It irritates me.

My ceiling fan is on it’s last leg. Or blade, I guess. It makes these creepy creaky, haunted house noises. I keep thinking that it’s going to fall in the middle of the night and chop me up into little pieces. Sometimes it wakes me up. It’s an awful sound. I should get a new one. But I keep thinking about that attic. The one that the fan guy would have to go into. It’s like something out of that Saw  movie. I hated that movie. I saw it with Giovanni. It unnerved me. Like the first time I saw The Night of the Living Dead, when I was 16. Boy, did that scare the crap out of me. So yeah, stupid ceiling fan.

I have to go in at 11 tomorrow. Ugh. I hate mid afternoon shifts. So… idk, yucky. Some of those women are just dang nasty. The other day some lady threw an ornament at Jordan. One of those spiky star ones. The deadly ones. What a bitch.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now. Ciao, baby.


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