December 10 Thursday evening

Work was kind of crazy. I stayed an extra hour because it was so busy. Sue stayed late at her job too. Some kind of meeting or something.

The latest episode of Big Bang was pretty good. Amy and Sheldon are back together. I also watched Project Runway Junior. It’s a pretty decent show, but all the clothes still look like they’re made by kids. I don’t get how the judges just rave over some of the stuff. But then again, what do I know.

I go in at 11 again tomorrow. It’s Friday so I’m sure it will be pretty crazy. I’m off on Sunday and Monday so that’s good.

For some reason today, I started thinking about this teacher I had in the eighth grade. I have a very vague memory of him. I know I had a crush. I remember staring at this watch he wore. I don’t know why I remembered him out of the clear blue. Maybe I dreamed about him and it just hung over into the day. I think that happens sometimes. Dreams that I don’t recall pop up into thoughts throughout the day. Or maybe it’s the other way around. A random thought becomes a dream. Anyway, I can’t remember if he was my Science or English teacher.

Today was another warm day. Again, not a fan. It needs to be at least in the low 50s. Not this 70s crap. I think that’s it for now.

Yours truly, Bob

Ciao, baby


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