December 11 Friday night

Work was pretty busy today. Maybe not as bad as yesterday, but that’s only because we had more people. I got off at 4 PM. Just a regular generic workday. I’m on standby tomorrow. I’m hoping I don’t have to work, but I know that I probably will.

I watched the finale of the Amazing Race tonight. It was okay. The team that I wanted to win did win. And I watched Hawaii Five-0. I’m so sick of that Gabriel whatever his name is storyline. Enough already. Then, I watched Blue Bloods. I like that show, but it’s kind of preachy. The guy that plays Tom Selleck’s father on that show is only six years older than him in real life. Here’s another piece of insignificant trivia: Rod McKuen died on Tom Selleck’s birthday. They are both two of my faves. Well, Tom more so when he was Magnum. But, he’s 70 now. He dyes his hair and mustache that jet black and it just look so damn fake. Just let it go gray already.

I have four followers on twitter now. I started a new one because people that I know keep finding me. I don’t want people that I know to follow me. That goes for any other site that I may have too. I don’t do Facebook anymore. It’s so messy and obnoxious. Especially with my family and friends. They’re like, ” why did you unfollow me?” I’m like, ” because you’re a Republican, and a homophobe, and a racist, and I totally don’t agree with anything that you have to say .” You can only look at the American flag, and guns, and xenophobic comments for so long. After a while you just want to fucking scream. Anyway, I don’t know why I’m rambling on about that nonsense.

It’s too dang hot in here. Stupid warm weather. Ugh.

Today at work, this guy William who is 18 and a senior in high school, ask me how to figure out 10% of something. So, I did it for him. Don’t they teach math anymore? How can you be a senior in high school and not know how to figure out 10%. That’s stuff that you learn and about the fifth grade. Or, at least I did. Anyway, really?

Wow, I’m being such an obnoxious malcontent. I better end this now. Ciao.


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