December 12 Saturday night

I had to work my on call shift today. I knew that I probably would have to. I’m psychic like that. Anyway, it was busy. Traffic getting to work was really busy. All of those people Christmas shopping. I was at the register most of the time. There were a few nasty people, but overall everybody was pretty nice.

Linda posted a video of Chip and his band on her Facebook. Sue showed it to me on her tablet. I don’t really do Facebook anymore so I didn’t know that she had posted it. It’s okay for what it is. Just some guys in the band. The song was pretty decent. The video was kind of amateurish though. Okay, it was weird.

I’m off work tomorrow. Yay. But, it’s grocery shopping day. Boo. Then afterwards, decorating for Christmas. Ugh. I’m not a Grinch or anything, but shopping AND decorating all in one day … ewww.

Yesterday at work, I was talking to Mark and found out that we have similar taste in music. He was talking about how he had gone to see Gordon Lightfoot in concert. I love Gordon. Mark’s a pretty cool guy. At first it was kind of awkward because he’s so quiet. Kind of hard to figure out, ya know. But, he’s the new guy in charge of truck now, so we’ve got that in common. Which of course, leads to other stuff. When you work with a person in a certain environment, you get to see them in a way that others probably don’t. Plus, he kind of reminds me of my stepbrother David. Not in looks, but in personality.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a ghost in the family. Not with Sue, but with everybody else. It’s almost as if each year I’m forgotten more and more. I suppose it’s just one of those things that happens as people get older and time goes by. I don’t have a family of my own, so I’m kind of like a distant outsider. It’s probably just as much my fault as it is theirs. Or, maybe it’s just nobody’s fault at all. That’s just how things work out sometimes. Especially when you don’t put forth that much effort when it comes to that sort of thing. It doesn’t bother me that much, but sometimes it just creeps into my head and forces me to think about it. Like now. It’s really strange how family members just disappear over time. You don’t even notice it until the one day that it just hits you all at once, right in the face . And you think, ” Where the fuck did everybody go, and why am I just noticing it now.”

Well, I guess I should go to bed now. Ciao.

PS  Three years ago today the world was supposed to end. Sometimes I think – what if it did and we  just don’t know it.


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