December 14 Monday night

Work was… well, work. Got off at 7:45. I hadn’t eaten all day so halfway through my shift I started getting dizzy. So, when I got home I had three corndogs and potato chips. So much for proper nutrition.

I joined that 500 PX thing today. I posted a few pictures. I actually got a few likes. I have an app for it for my phone, but there’s not an app for the Kindle. I can go to the site via regular Internet, but it’s not the same. A thing keeps popping up that says “download the app , download the app”. Well guess what. There isn’t one. So yeah, quit trying to get me to do shit that I can’t do.

Look at this picture I found on Pinterest.


If I had that outfit, I would totally wear it. Those pants are the best. The shadow is hilarious. Looks like a little tiny penis sticking out. It looks like the picture is from the 70s. Personally, I never had an outfit that outrageous, but I had some that were pretty close.

I’m so tired I’m falling asleep. So, I’d better go now. Ciao.


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