December 21 Monday morning

Well, it’s another fabulous and foggy day in Little Rock. It’s not too cold, though. Around 60. I’m listening to the Meeting Places station on Pandora. They play Film School, Sonic Youth… stuff like that.

I have to be at work at 11:30. I sure hope somebody good is working today. Preferably Dylan. Although, Mark would be okay. It’s only a four hour shift, so hopefully it goes by quick. After that, the plan is to go get a new iPhone. It will be so nice not to have a jacked up piece of shit.

Christmas is this week. Another year gone by. How bizarre was 2015? I’m not holding my breath on 2016 being any better. Let’s face it, the world is a fucked up mess. I suppose it always has been.

I watched MasterChef Junior last night. That show is just stupid. It’s so effected. They cast the show because of the kids cuteness factor, not because they’re great chefs. Anyway, I still watch it, so that’s on me.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now. Ciao.


December 20 Sunday night

So, Friday night we went to Lit and Terry’s. They are staying in Cabot for a while. We hung out and ate. Lit made Reuben’s. Pretty good. They gave me my Christmas presents since I won’t be going to Mountain Home for Christmas. Some books and a Houdini  lock and key puzzle. It’s weird. Everybody thinks that I like puzzles and all that mess, when in reality I hate them. I like crosswords, but detest jigsaw puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, or any kind of puzzle that you have to solve. But, I like the Houdini lock because it’s a lock. It looks cool. I looked up online how to solve it. That’s how I am with that kind of stuff. If I don’t get it right away then I want nothing to do with it. I’m not like that with everything though. If I’m interested in it then I’ll spend forever doing, or trying to do it. I just can’t stand puzzles…or magic.

On Saturday, we went to the family and friends get together at Shotgun Dan’s pizza in North Little Rock. There were about 12 to 14 of us. Who counts? I don’t. Anyway, I sat on the end with all of the guys. The older guys that is. Rick, David, Terry, and Steve. I would do every single one of them. That’s not creepy because I’m not actually related to any of them. I got slightly buzzed. Beer. Anyway, it was a good time.

Today we went to Walmart. We did the self check out because Sue is one of those inpatient people who doesn’t like to wait for five minutes to do anything. Anyway, it was a tad bit frustrating. You know how those checkouts can be. Especially if you have a lot of groceries. The rest of the day we watched football. I was on my phone most of the day too. You know, Instagram, games, stuff like that.

It’s back to work tomorrow. After work were supposed to go get new iPhones. That’ll be fun, knock on wood. Anyway, I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a big deal. Because, you know, it’s Sue. Brainwashed by the military, so everything an exact certain way. She’s one of those by the book, list people. Me, I’m a free bird. I have junk planned out in my head. Plus, I can adapt when stuff goes awry without turning it into a big production or acting like the world is completely falling apart. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like routine. Because, I do. But things can’t always be routine, so you just gotta deal.

Well, that’s it for now. Ciao.

December 18 Friday afternoon

The phone has been dinging all day long with this group text thing that Lit started and it’s driving me absolutely bonkers. It’s about this Christmas dinner thing that we have every year with family and friends. It’s always last-minute and virtually impossible to coordinate.  Where and when and can you come and blah blah blah. Anyway, I’m over it. As of now, we are eating at Shotgun Dan’s. I think. It’s probably changed since the last time I looked at it.

Currently, I’m listening to an easy listening station on live 365. It’s called beautiful music or some crap like that. I feel like I’m stuck in a 1960s department store elevator. Earlier, I was listening to Celtic Moon, but it made me fall asleep. I woke up when all of that stupid dinging started. Anyway, I don’t know why I am listening to that station. Probably because I needed a change. I mean, it’s not absolutely horrible. It just makes you feel like you’re about to go into a coma. It is soothing though. Oh how lovely, I pan flute song just came on. All aboard the Titanic, so my heart can go on. The song is called Soleado  by the Francis Moore Orchestra. Never heard of  ’em.

I’m supposing that we are going out for dinner tonight. Gee, I wonder what I’m in the mood for. * shrugs shoulders *

Work wasn’t too super busy yesterday. This one lady that came in reminded me of the old lady from the Sylvester and Tweetie bird cartoons. She had the cane and everything. Walked just like her. Looked kind of like her too. I don’t remember what she bought, but I had to carry it out to her car. When she tried to carry the bag it threw her off balance. I kept thinking that she was going to fall down. That would’ve sucked.

This music is really starting to get on my nerves. I originally found the station because I was trying to find something that played the Ken Griffin version of Ebb Tide. It’s really a creepy version of the song. Hammond organ. That can be such a scary sounding instrument. It’s so odd. Anyway, that’s how I found the station that I’m listening to now. I haven’t heard Ebb Tide yet. Probably never will.

Anyway, here is a version that I found on YouTube.

A tad bit unnerving. But, I like it.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Ciao.

PS Sue texted me. We are going to Lit’s tonight.

December 17 Thursday night

I always start dozing off halfway through Project Runway. Why is that? Am I bored? I don’t think so. I like the show enough. It doesn’t happen with any other show that I watch during that time slot. Idk. Puzzled.

Today was an average workday. Nothing special.

Got some cookies and brownies via UPS tonight. A Christmas present from Mary and David. Just what I was in the mood for. Thanks guys (telepathically).

I wore my nice shoes to work today. They’re really comfortable, but they feel heavy. I feel like I’m wearing Frankenstein shoes or something. They get heavier and heavier as the day goes on. I don’t even know why I brought this up.

On my way to work the other day, I wrote an early 60s pop song in my head. Imagine.if you well Mary Wells, or Dionne Warwick.

When we first met you said I would get a life full of love and understanding
But you went away and left me alone in a world so unforgiving

I fell apart when you said goodbye, it ripped out my heart and you have no alibi (omg, really Bob?)
I walk around with no heart, and there you are on the town, my world ripped apart.

Sure, it’s hideous, but when you as the 12/8 time signature and the schmaltzy melodic line, it’s not too bad. Oh yeah, and the torchy bridge.
Anyway, it kills time at the stop lights. Tchaikovsky, it ain’t.

Oh well, that’s about it for now. Ciao.

PS. Sheldon and Amy had sex.

December 17 Thursday morning

Here are some pictures that I took on the way home from work last night.


I’m listening to the five minutes from now station on Pandora. It’s mostly Post rock and dream pop.

One more day of work and then I’m off for three days. Yay. I’m already over the holiday season.

We get to don holiday wear at work. Oh boy. Red, green, or blue. It’s a nice change from black, I suppose. Although, I do like black. It makes everything so much easier. You don’t have to decide on anything. I look atrocious in red. Bright red, that is. A darker red is okay. Today, I’m wearing green (Omg, like this is a fashion blog or something).

I bought a Red heart pillow last night. I don’t know why did…I just did. Anyway,I  give it to Sue. She was like, “Why did you buy this ?” Idk, temporary insanity I guess. I usually don’t buy on impulse, but I must’ve been possessed or something. Seriously, it was something representing Valentine’s Day. I fucking hate Valentine’s Day. It’s my least favorite holiday. Actually, I don’t really consider it a holiday. It’s some stupid made-up fake shit that somebody came up with. I mean, why not have an I hate your fucking guts day. I’d give people presents on that holiday. I suppose however, that I should be more accepting of Valentine’s Day. I mean, it is named after a Saint and all. It’s just so damn saccharine. I abhor schmaltz when it pertains to love.

Anyway, it’s almost time for me to go make somebody’s day brighter with my fake ass smile. Ciao.

December 16 Wednesday night

Okay, so this is what it looks like the next morning after you wake up in the middle of the night and type a dream that you just had – when you’re still half asleep.

Like a video. I had to answer questions about the Brady Bunch. Barry Williams was there. Some of the stuff I want us over for dinner with some new stuff with Barry Williams. It was a boardgame. Heterodimers asked questions about the Brady Bunch. My role of water in answer number four. The survey question. It was a chart. Music chart and also Brady Bunch song . Songs by them as they were older. It was like some kind of anniversary thing. I think Barry said it was the 60th 60th anniversary.

Anyway, today was a long day. We got Valentine’s Day stuff on the truck. It’s not even Christmas yet, and we are getting hearts and roses and stupid lovey-dovey crap. I spent almost seven hours unloading and opening that stuff. My feet are killing me.

Watched the Survivor finale tonight. I didn’t really care who won. It’s just a stupid TV show anyway. Some people get so involved in it. I tried reading some of the tweets from the finale, but they were so annoying and  saccharine that I wanted to vomit.

I’m so exhausted. I’m out. Ciao.


December 14 Monday night

Work was… well, work. Got off at 7:45. I hadn’t eaten all day so halfway through my shift I started getting dizzy. So, when I got home I had three corndogs and potato chips. So much for proper nutrition.

I joined that 500 PX thing today. I posted a few pictures. I actually got a few likes. I have an app for it for my phone, but there’s not an app for the Kindle. I can go to the site via regular Internet, but it’s not the same. A thing keeps popping up that says “download the app , download the app”. Well guess what. There isn’t one. So yeah, quit trying to get me to do shit that I can’t do.

Look at this picture I found on Pinterest.


If I had that outfit, I would totally wear it. Those pants are the best. The shadow is hilarious. Looks like a little tiny penis sticking out. It looks like the picture is from the 70s. Personally, I never had an outfit that outrageous, but I had some that were pretty close.

I’m so tired I’m falling asleep. So, I’d better go now. Ciao.

December 14 Monday morning

Well, it’s December 14. Eleven more days until Christmas and winter is almost here. Today is rather blustery. When I took out the trash this morning I could hear the odd groan of the wind in the distance. It’s such a creepy sound. Very ominous.

I spaced out and forgot to do laundry yesterday, so I’m doing it this morning. I don’t mind it too much. At least I have a washer and dryer. When I lived in that crappy apartment in Las Vegas I had to use the laundry room. What a pain in the ass that was. 14 years of detesting laundry. What a strange time that was. It seems like a hundred years ago.

I have to go in at 3:45 today. What a goofy time to go into work. But, it’s the Christmas season, so work becomes various shades of tumult. I don’t mind the night shift every once in a while, but I’m not a fan of doing it all of the time.

A Beatles song came on Pandora this morning. I like little moments of happiness like that. I’ve had quite a few so far today: A brand new bottle of coconut-lime shower gel. A brand new box of coconut mocha Keurig cups.

Another Beatles song just came on Pandora. Double bonus. 

Normally, I listen to the shuffle mode on Pandora. So, the music ranges from Baroque to Fred Steiner to shoe gaze (lol, the voice translation thing typed tissue gays) to early 60s to post rock. But, today I put it on the  She’s Not There  by The Zombies station. So, I get the Doors, the Beatles, the Guess Who, The Hollies, etc. I feel like I’m 12 and should be protesting the Vietnam War.

It’s so weird how 2015 is almost over. As a kid I remember thinking that we’d never make it to 2000. I remember listening to 1999 by Prince and thinking it was so far away. Now, it all seems like 100 years ago. When you’re a kid one year seems like five, but when you’re an adult five years seems like one. The perception of time is bizarre.

There’s a guy at work who has been freaking out for about two weeks because he turned 30. I wanted to slap him back into reality. The 20s are the worst. At least they were for me. You’re barely not a kid anymore, and you’re not really wise enough to be considered a full-fledged adult. Sure, there are exceptions, but you really need a few more years of life experience to kind of “get it”. You know, wisdom and all that mess. I’m not saying that I’m wise, but there’s a lot of stuff that I’m just over. That  been there, done it kind of thing. The excitement and anxiety levels are on a completely different highway. It’s creepy to say, but when you get older you become more zombie-like. You walk around like, “uhhhhhhhhhhhh, everybody just get out of my way and let me walk around bumping into shit. I’ve been where you’ve been and it’s not all that, so please just shut the fuck up about it.” At least that’s how it is with me. Maybe I’m just more jaded. Life can do that to you.

Anyway, that’s it for this Monday morning. Ciao.

December 13 Sunday afternoon.

Well, we decorated for Christmas. It took all of 15 minutes. Just hints of the holiday here and there: Candles, a forest-smelling reed diffuser, a one and a half foot tree with glimmer lights, crocheted bulbs hanging from the mantle, a few Santa tealight holders, and a small variety of festive tchotchkes.

Wal-Mart wasn’t too hideous. Normally, I try to rush through it. Today, I lolligagged – ambling like some old lady getting in everybody’s way and not giving a fuck about it.

Currently watching football. Waiting for the Green Bay game. I sure hope they beat the Cowboys (not a fan). So far I’m not doing so great on the viggle picks.

Had appetizers for lunch. All of the cheese escaped from the cheese sticks and stuck to the pan. Ugh. The rest of the apps were good though.

Oh well, enough of killing time during commercial breaks. Ciao for now.