December 13 Sunday afternoon.

Well, we decorated for Christmas. It took all of 15 minutes. Just hints of the holiday here and there: Candles, a forest-smelling reed diffuser, a one and a half foot tree with glimmer lights, crocheted bulbs hanging from the mantle, a few Santa tealight holders, and a small variety of festive tchotchkes.

Wal-Mart wasn’t too hideous. Normally, I try to rush through it. Today, I lolligagged – ambling like some old lady getting in everybody’s way and not giving a fuck about it.

Currently watching football. Waiting for the Green Bay game. I sure hope they beat the Cowboys (not a fan). So far I’m not doing so great on the viggle picks.

Had appetizers for lunch. All of the cheese escaped from the cheese sticks and stuck to the pan. Ugh. The rest of the apps were good though.

Oh well, enough of killing time during commercial breaks. Ciao for now.